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Music Production

Through my music, I produce works of art that express and transmit love and go beyond simple gratification. 


I’ve learned that the truth liberates, and I offer this work of divine beauty as proof of my spiritual and personal development.

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Glance up, express gratitude for what really matters, and then go about your business.


Join me in recognizing the transformative power of music and the visual arts, where Zaddy Image is pushing the envelope of imagination and promoting optimism, one motivational note and artistic stroke at a time.

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Content Creation

My paintings and music are profound works of art, each of which tells a distinct story with a touch of complete anarchy. I enjoy exhibiting my works, which resist categorization and question accepted standards.


They invite you to participate in and observe a shared experience that is only shaped by your own perspective.

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Music & Art

Every circumstance has benefited greatly from the influence of faith. I combine this faith with a sincere search for what seems right at the moment, embracing openness and wearing my heart on my sleeve.

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